Govardhan Heights By Aashish Group

A paradise in the heart of the city…

Jaipur, Rajasthan


Welcome to the finest properties in Narayan Vihar, Jaipur. Aashish Group serves luxury designs, premium residential apartments, and affordable rates, all at one
plate for you.

Whether you want to build your own nest or looking for a second home as an investment, believe us, Govardhan Heights by Aashish Group is an intelligent choice.

Jaipur is a city that is the perfect blend of urban life and royal heritage history. It not only accommodates you but gives you a chance to write your own story and every story deserves a Happy plot point. We continuously strive to give you endless possibilities for building your own fate.
Govardhan Heights will be a convenient foundation for you.


Favorably located in Ajmer Road in Jaipur, Govardhan Heights is a meticulously planned project.

Enjoy a niche living experience in this complex with units available from Rs. 13. 0 Lac – 27. 0 Lac.

This project has its expanse over an area of 9000 Sq-yrd. There are in total 503 units in this project.

The carefully laid out units of this Residential complex are sure to mesmerize most buyers.All the units of this project are Under Construction.

You could find your perfect sanctuary here, as the project offers different configurations of Flat. The property units are spacious and range in size from 1 BHK Flat , 2 BHK Flat , 3 BHK Flat.

Govardhan Heights

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It is located at the junction and connects all necessary dots including;
1. Hospital – 5 Minutes away
2. Petrol Pump – 2 Minutes away
3. Bank and ATM – 2 Minutes away
4. Clinic – Just a Minute away
5. Restaurant and Hotel: 3 Minutes away
6.Ajmer Highway – 5 Minutes Away
7. Metro Station – 10 Minutes away
1 BHK- 13 Lakhs
2 BHK – 20 Lakhs
3 BHK- 27 Lakhs

Who should not invest in Govardhan Heights by Aashish Group?

If you fall into this category, probably we are not the right platform for you. IF…

  • Saving money is not the right priority
  • Investing in assets is not something you look for
  • You are not future-oriented and live in the moment
  • You are too busy to explore the BEST APARTMENTS IN JAIPUR
  • You are happy paying a higher cost for the same amenities

Why owning a property in a developed project like Govardhan Heights by Aashish Group is an amazing idea?

Now, if you fall under the above category, you may proceed with your work and stop reading beyond this statement to save your valuable time. BUT,

 If you are looking for a smart choice in the real estate segment, we would love to have you here. Over the past decade, we have researched a lot in the real estate division and this is all we have gathered…

  1. Jaipur is a hot place to invest in terms of real estate
  2. Jaipur has been estimated as one of the top 10 megacities in India
  3. As per research, the investors are mostly aged below 30 years and believe in change
  4. Financial literacy has increased and today’s youth understands the value of investing the right amount in the right place
  5. Consumers have higher expectations from builders since they put a high value on the table
  6. The home loan interest rates have been reduced in the last few years to make a home purchase an easy move

Eliminating the expensive properties in Jaipur from your hunting list will be the first step towards us. Aashish Group is the biggest option for affordable yet luxury homes in Jaipur. Our offer is not just limited to Govardhan Heights, we have multiple projects at different locations to make it easy for you.

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